Do you have any questions for us?
We are happy to answer your questions every day of the week. Sometimes we do not have time to answer the phone because we have a full house. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-2pm, during these hours we are happy to help you with any questions regarding bookings, gift cards, or anything else regarding HEJM. You can also send us an email, we answer as soon as possible.
Do you have a giftcard to HEJM?
Make sure to use it before it expires. We recommend you to do a table reservation, to be on the safe side. It there is no possibility for you to use the giftcard berfore expiry date, please let us know in time so that we can extend your giftcard. We do not have any possibilities to extend a expired giftcard.
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Your second living room

Welcome to
Restaurant HEJM

We offer our guests a warm and personal experience as well as fresh homemade food in a relaxed environment. Follow us and our adventures on social media.

Come as you are!
From the very start, we dreamd about a HEJM that would serve as a second living room for all. A place where people can meet, relax and be themselves. Simply put, a place where you can be at HEJM (Swedish dialect word for home).
We like local
We, the HEJM workers, are childishly fond of Ostrobothnia. In fact, this enthusiasm shows in all our dishes.
Tasty beverages should accompany a delicious dinner. At HEJM we have a broad selection of both alcohol-fee and alcoholic beverages, both classic and modern alternatives. We enjoy experimenting with our alcohol-free beverages, which has resulted in a tailor-made drink menu for HEJM.